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    Lavender oil

    Did you know …

    · Basil oil soothes tired muscles?

    · Oregano oil is a virus-killer?

    · Frankincense (the "holy oil" from the Bible) helps support the immune system?

    · Grapefruit contains fat-dissolving agents?

    Find out more here.

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    It's the dream of almost every man and woman on the face of the earth:

    If those are your goals, too, then consider the amazing benefits offered by aromatherapy.  More and more people are discovering aromatherapy to be a vital addition to their natural health and wellness regimens.

    dōTERRA® Essential Oils has gained a worldwide reputation as the standard for quality oils, and are used by doctors and other healthcare professionals, as well as people like you in home applications.

    With a full line of dōTERRA® CPTG®, certified-pure-therapeutic-grade oils and oil blends, as well as nutritional supplements and personal care products, dōTERRA® Essential Oils products are widely recognized as superior, and are endorsed by many healthcare professionals. 

    For many years now, dōTERRA® Essential Oils have been recognized as being:

    Most other oils are:

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    dōTERRA® Essential Oils are distilled from many different spices, herbs, fruits and other botanicals that you're probably familiar with already, along with others that may be new to you.  You've no doubt used some of them your whole life.

    These oils are also the foundation of dōTERRA®'s complete line of first-quality nutritional supplements, and personal care products.  Everything you need for your natural health and wellness program.

    Are you searching for a natural health and wellness solution?  Something to improve your overall health?  Or something to help you maintain your current state of good health?  dōTERRA® Essential Oils promises you proven benefits with aromatherapy products, personal care products — and the knowledge of how to use them.  A natural path to health and wellness.

    Feel free to search the site and — please — contact me, Lisa Lehman, personally, if you have any questions.

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