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therapeutic-grade: Certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils from doTERRA  

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Essential Oil Accessories


UltraSonic and Cold-Air Diffusers for true, aromatic use of essential oils


UltraSonic and Cold-Air Diffusers from doTerra Earch Essentials

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There are many reasons why diffusing pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils into your home or office should be part of your daily routine.  Any of these fine diffusers will make dōTERRA's fine products even better: The Lotus UltraSonic diffuser, and now, the Aroma Ace, Aroma Lite and Petal diffusers, create minute atomized ion particles and active oxygen anions for better absorption of the essential oils' precious constituents into the body.


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Veggie Caps, for ingestion of the oils



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Aroma Ace Diffuser with On Guard Blend
Aroma Ace Diffuser with On Guard Blend

Diffuser with On Guard blend.

Aroma Lite Diffuser
Lotus UltraSonic Diffuser
Lotus UltraSonic Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser.

Petal Diffuser
Veggie Caps
Veggie Caps

160 capsules bottle.