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Aroma Ace Diffuser with On Guard Blend

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See Aroma Ace for more details.

The Aroma Ace diffuser is a powerful, compact, and easy-to-use essential oil diffuser system.  It's simply the best diffuser I've ever used.

The Aroma Ace diffuser has a wide range of adjustments, so that you can diffuse just the right amount of oil for any given situation.  It adjusts for output (or volume control; how hard the diffuser runs, when in operation), time on and time off, with built-in on/off timers.  This gives you almost limitless options.

I currently have my Aroma Ace diffuser set at about 30% of output pressure, with a run time of about three minutes, with 12 minutes off between cycles.  It keeps the room nicely scented, and a 15 mL bottle of oil will last for some weeks.

The Aroma Ace diffuser is my personal choice for most diffusing needs.  My recommendation: Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of this advanced aromatherapy system.

Made in the USA.

The Aroma Ace diffuser comes with 15 mL bottle of On Guard®: Protective Blend.