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therapeutic-grade: Certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils from doTERRA  

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Aroma Lite Diffuser

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Experience the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of dōTERRA's CPTG® essential oils with dōTERRA®'s Aroma Lite diffuser.

The Aroma Lite silently and powerfully diffuses essential oils, releasing them through high frequency oscillation, for up to eight hours (depending on mist setting).  Utilizing real-time atomization technology, the Aroma Lite creates an ultra-fine mist output of 1–3 microns, for maximum diffusion of dōTERRA® essential oils, that quickly fills a room.

Small and compact, the Aroma Lite purifies and humidifies the air, and has an optional night light, making it perfect for night time use and for traveling.  It features a large reservoir and multiple settings, allowing you to customize the diffusion of dōTERRA® single oils, oil blends, or your own customized blends.