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Women's Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex

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dōTERRA's Women's Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex is a blend of natural plant extracts that support hormone balance throughout the different phases of a woman's life.

Women's Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex includes a standardized soy extract with genistein, a powerful phytoestrogen that binds with estrogen receptors in cells, and the natural phytoestrogens in pomegranate.  It also includes a concentrated extract of flaxseed lignans, to help manage potentially harmful metabolites that are produced when estrogen is metabolized in the liver.

Balancing hormones and managing harmful metabolites, by eating a healthy diet rich in phytoestrogens and other essential nutrients, exercising and managing weight, can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms associated with PMS and the transition through menopause, and supports healthy bones, heart, breast tissue, and other body structures and functions as a woman ages.


60 capsules bottle.